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What is email marketing and how does it work?

Email marketing is the process or action of sending emails to a group of people or using emails to broadcast or deliver potential services to customers, so that they can know that you are offering those products or services and come to you to buy those services and the products you offer. Email marketing is part of digital marketing.  It is about marketing because we always use technology so that you can reach the clients.  Email marketing is very important to running your company nowadays since most companies and organizations are using it to reach their target customers.  Some organizations are not putting into place an email marketing campaign, but most organizations that are aware of the technology’s use in the contribution to the development and selling of products and services. The use of email marketing as a way of promoting products or services is crucial in the organization.

What are the types of email marketing?

In this post, we can identify four types of email marketing that an organization can use to market or promote its product or services so that it can lead to the target customers. Among these types, we can say: email newsletters, acquisition, retention, and promotional email marketing.

Newsletters are those emails that are sent to the clients every time they have subscribed to receive these emails or other updates about the organizational activities.  Newsletters are not for everyone who has not subscribed to day-to-day updates.  To receive newsletters as part of email marketing , you must always be willing to read what they are promoting in your inbox, or you can choose to unsubscribe at any time you want.  It is valuable to use these email marketing services while promoting services or products, as well as using newsletters like MailChimp and others are using ways to promote your organization via newsletters. When you go to the deep analysis of those two newsletter providers on support tools, you’ll find that you are always recommended to allow those receivers of doors and use them to unsubscribe at any time of day.  This is because sometimes the newsletters stress the people to whom you have sent them. It has to do so for those who have decided to be clients of your organization. The one who wants to see or read about your organization’s products or services is the one who chooses to keep receiving those emails about your activities.

Acquisition emails  These emails are the ones that are sent to the other people who are not clients of the organization but who have chosen to receive your emails without considering if they are your clients or not. This can help the organization grow since those people, even though they are not part of the organization ‘s clients, contribute to their receiving emails and display the message to their friends and colleagues so that you can get more clients from them. Those people are also the ones who are later converted into clients.  It may be because now you can send the message about the products or services they are not interested in now. As time goes by, when you send them information about a product they may be interested in, they will eventually buy that product or service. This is the reason why you have to keep sending the acquisition emails to keep your future clients.

There is also a retention email.  This email, like the ones you sent to the customers or through other people, is in order to seek feedback about how your organization is performing.  It is very important to use this kind of email marketing because it is going to help you know how your organization is performing, whether it is working well or not, whether it is satisfying the clients as needed, and other feedback about the services that you are offering to the customers in general.  As an organization, you have to bear in mind that you think this email can be of help to market your organization.

Finally, there is promotional email, which is the email you send from the organization to the people that you want to buy products from.  You are asking them to sign up so that they will be buying the products.  Those are the emails that are going to be promoting the products in the organization. They are going to be engaging the clients and other people who may want to buy your products or services. They are not only those who may want to buy the products you sent emails to, but also every person whom you think could be interested in buying your products. You sent this email to him/her because he/she may be the one who is going to help you get more clients and other people who may be willing to buy your products or services.

It is very important to use email marketing as a means to promote the organization and continue moving forward, because you will be able to get to the clients you want at the right time.

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