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Was this Pep Guardiola’s Least-Impressive Man City Title Win? Ranking the Genius Coach’s Premier League Triumphs

Champions again. And again. And again.

Manchester City have a vice-like grip on the Premier League title, and good luck to anyone who tries to take it away from them. The Cityzens are celebrating their 10th English league title, their eighth in the Premier League era, and their sixth under Pep Guardiola. This one is extra special, as they have become the first team in English football history to have won four consecutive crowns.

Ever since winning their third title in a row last year, Guardiola had set his eyes on doing something that no team had previously achieved. And as he tends to do, the Catalan has pulled it off. Not that he will be ranking it above any of his previous five title wins in Manchester, however.

Two days before beating West Ham to secure the elusive fourth crown, Guardiola said: “Don’t ask me which is more important because every one has been so important. All of the five Premier Leagues we won were so difficult and there was a lot of effort behind them.”

But which was the most impressive? GOAL re-lives all six of Guardiola’s Premier League triumphs with City, taking into account entertainment, difficulty, and how enjoyable they were to watch.

Ranking Pep Guardiola’s Premier League Triumphs

The Catalan has made history by winning a fourth successive crown to make it six in total, but which was his best?

  1. 2017-18: The Centurions
  • Entertainment: High-flying, attacking football.
  • Difficulty: Setting records for points and goals.
  • Enjoyment: Dominated the league with flair and style.
  1. 2018-19: The Relentless Pursuit
  • Entertainment: Intense title race with Liverpool.
  • Difficulty: Edging out one of the best Liverpool sides ever.
  • Enjoyment: Nail-biting, went down to the final day.
  1. 2020-21: The Pandemic Season
  • Entertainment: Adaptation to unprecedented circumstances.
  • Difficulty: Navigating a congested fixture schedule.
  • Enjoyment: Tactical masterclass in overcoming obstacles.
  1. 2019-20: The Comeback
  • Entertainment: Consistent and professional.
  • Difficulty: Recovering from early-season setbacks.
  • Enjoyment: Display of resilience and depth.
  1. 2021-22: The Nail-biter
  • Entertainment: Another close race with Liverpool.
  • Difficulty: Maintaining focus amidst external pressures.
  • Enjoyment: Thrilling conclusion to the season.
  1. 2022-23: The Record Breaker
  • Entertainment: Routine dominance.
  • Difficulty: Breaking new ground with a fourth consecutive title.
  • Enjoyment: Historic achievement, though less competitive.

Pep Guardiola’s tenure at Manchester City has been marked by extraordinary success, and each title win has its own unique story and challenges. From the Centurions of 2017-18 to the historic four-in-a-row, Guardiola has continuously proven his genius, making it difficult to rank one triumph above another.

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